Whole Person Care for Transformation


Hello! My name is Ginger Stanfield. I have been a certified personal trainer and wellness business owner for 13 years. Prior to my time in the fitness industry I served in student and women's ministry for 8 years. I have a Master of Divinity degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary and an MSEd (Master of Science in Education) in Curriculum and Instruction from Baylor University. 


The secret I have learned after 21 years of helping others live their best life (while pursuing mine) is that life is relationship(s)—with God, self, others and the world. I am convinced that abundant life is experienced via healthy relationships. The inextinguishable pursuit for optimal living expresses the universal desire for "more". But more of what? I believe we were created for "more" and the secret lies in relationship(s).


Everyone has a story and the most meaningful parts of those stories are undeniably relationships. My story involves a lot of brokenness restored through relationships.  As early as I can remember I was a victim of sexual abuse. My relationship with God, self, others and the world was so damaged by the abuse that I developed many self-destructive coping behaviors increasing damage to my relationships, a.k.a., my life. I did not know love. I had dysfunctional relationships with my body, others, food, and God. I was in a cycle of self-destruction I could not interrupt by my own power. Relationships with individuals whose identities had been transformed, secure in the love of God, empowered me to do the same. 

My most difficult relationship by far was with myself and my body. I was slow to understand my interconnected nature and how practicing the love of God in other relationships would ultimately affect my body and soul. This is often the most painful piece for women. In Christ I found myself--whole, healed, and powerful. The freedom I have in him is abundant. Christ loves to move through his people in relational healing. His nature is community (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). It is in this way that I have dedicated my life to helping women “connect the dots” of abundant life faster than I did. That is what my program is about—transformation by caring for the whole person in a community of relationships the way Christ does through the Holy Spirit. It is my deepest desire to share with women little known truths that breed healing and wholeness in the whole self—body, mind, soul and spirit.

Below is a simple overview of what is covered in this program.




  • Nutrition/Exercise

  • Metabolism

  • Hormones


  • Mindsets

  • Habits

  • Renewal


  • Emotions/Attitudes

  • Will Power

  • Motivation


  • Prayer

  • Biblical Meditation

  • Spiritual Formation