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The Program

Desire for change and connection accompanied by a feeling of being “stuck” unite the women who participate in this program. Most desire measurable change in their bodies. They expect to see pounds and inches shredded with increased energy and strength resulting in the physique they always hoped for. Typically, participants also hope for renewed confidence and a more optimistic outlook on their life. They begin the journey believing a new body will lead them to a new mind. They learn a very difficult yet powerful truth along the way—the mind leads the body, not the other way around. Many do meet their expectations for body change, but the most profound metamorphosis happens in their soul.

If the mind leads the body, why does the program lead with body change? Small victories provide necessary energy for change. Lasting change does not happen quickly. It requires patience and perseverance. Without tangible evidence that change is happening along the way, the temptation towards discouragement and abandonment of the journey become overwhelming. Body change can keep hope alive. Hope is a vastly underrated commodity. Many women that make it to this program suffer from the sickness of hope deferred. Deferred hope is the culprit for the current epidemic of illnesses afflicting women in their minds and bodies.

Recent research in neuroscience has discovered a link between the mind and body so powerful that 80% of all illness and disease are being attributed to toxic thinking! Emotions and attitudes are the products of thoughts and beliefs. Chronic disappointment in life produces very toxic products that get dumped and stored in the body wreaking havoc in a very complicated array of interactions. Metabolic issues are directly impacted by toxic thinking. Difficulty losing weight, maintaining healthy weight, insomnia and other sleep issues, inability to build and support lean muscle, low immune function, food intolerance, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, thyroid and adrenal disfunction, etc., are likely the result of the chronic stress that assaults much of contemporary populations, the majority of which are women.

This program dives into the deep processes of interactions and relationships of the whole person from every angle of human nature. I provide the most recent research and strategies for addressing many of the struggles facing modern women. The phenomena of metabolic dysfunction is on the rise and manifesting with innovative creativity keeping modern medicine several steps behind it. Most women have their biggest breakthroughs in body and soul during the mind/soul/spirit phases. The body phase is where women learn to trust and establish safety in vulnerability. They experience chemical reactions that provide initial energy and motivation to progress into deeper processes.

Who is this program for?

Women who desire complete change in their entire being prepared to approach the journey with mature expectation of a lifelong evolution.

Women ready to be honest, accountable, and willing to invest in the journey of her fellow sojourners. Women who acknowledge the primacy of the Holy Spirit and seek deeper understandings about His identity informing her understanding of her own identity.

Women who are teachable, holding belief systems loosely in the presence of scripture quick to receive the correction of Truth for healing and restoration.

Women who have lost hope and imagination.

Who is this program NOT for?

Women who want a quick fix.

Women who cling to unhealthy systems and beliefs in self-preservation.

Women who are not ready to serve others.

Women who do not desire new relationships.

Women who believe they do not have time to participate fully.

Women who do not have the full support of her immediate family/significant others or do not have the ability to care for herself despite a lack of support.

Women who are addicted to program and product hopping.

What I have observed about the women who complete the program is a renewed sense of identity, healing in their relationships (especially with God and self), new imagination and hope for what is possible, freedom from mental and emotional constructs holding them hostage, freedom for producing goodness in their minds and bodies, and clarity of purpose and path. They leave with increased support, healthier relationships and deeper connections increasing their sense of wellbeing and improving their quality of life. Many even go on to pay it forward and become facilitators of healing for others professionally.

If you find yourself stuck in negative symptoms and cycles, feel that modern medicine, fad diets and exercise programs have failed you and believe you are alone in your disappointment, I would like to personally invite you to join me on the journey to hope restored and transformation.

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