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Whole Person Care for Transformation


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4.67 satisfaction rate!

Bonnie, 67

Ginger has such a gentle, kind way about her which provided the perfect environment to share and be vulnerable.


I wanted a formula - just tell me what to do and I'll do it. Of course, this was based on my very limited knowledge. Ginger taught me how to be free of the formulas and lay down what I thought I ought to be doing. She showed me how to consider the season of life I'm in and to listen to my body and respect what it's telling me. She didn't give me a formula but she gave me so much more...freedom and a deeper walk with the Holy Spirit.

Erin, 37

No matter what age, season or place you are at in your life you could benefit from some part of this study.It was helpful to have space to talk and share issues I am facing in a safe environment. The teaching was helpful and I liked how information was presented in a way that I was challenged and could also choose the path best for me  

Lindsay, 42

Ginger is the secret sauce. Her personality made me feel relaxed and accepted, never judged. She had the ability to give grace and accept you right where you were. I have only glowing things to say about her and this program.

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